PTTEP joined hand with PSU revealing prototype of beach cleaning robot developed by a Thai researcher

       On December 8th of 2017 at B.P Samila Beach, Muang, Sogkhla, PTTEP demonstrated the first-ever working beach-cleaning robot developed by Thais as part of “PTTEP saves the beach” project, a collaboration between PTTEP and PSU Faculty of Engineering. The project aims at cleaning up Samila beach. Mayor of Songkhla Mr. Somsak Tantiseranee participated in and welcomed the audience and media from around the country.

       PTTEP started the project in 2016 through collaboration with The Environmentally-friendly Robot Institute by applying technology, engineering, and environmental management to practical use. The robot is built with a sieve to filter trash from sand quickly and efficiently and thus able to pick up trash on and under sandy floor as well as inaccessible areas. Powered by clean energy and equipped with noise-reduction panel, the robot is suitable to operate in tourist areas. Furthermore, it is the first robot to be made by Thais, ridding the dependence on export. PTTEP thus plans to continue the support to enhance efficiency and capability for future use.

       Dr. Winit Hansamut, Executive Vice President of PTTEP Innovation and Knowledge Management, stated that, “Beach cleaning robot is a symbol of the green movement and a commitment by PTTEP to protect the environment. At the same time, the effort supports the growing potential of research and development through applying knowledge to practical use”.

       Associate Professor Dr. Pruittikorn Smithmaitrie, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, PSU, informed that, “The collaboration with PTTEP has not only brought a solution to the local issues but also helped the students to develop practical real-world skills”.

       PTTEP has continued the support to improve technology and innovation to increase efficiency in petroleum exploration as well as social and environmental projects by incorporating education, business, and other relevant organizations. Some of the projects in progress include Autonomous Underwater Vehicle – AUV), In-pipe Inspectin Robot- IPIR), Remotely Operated Vehicle – ROV), and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – UAV).

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