Course on Research Methodology Offered by Graduate School 1/2023

Graduate School offers the course on research methodology for PhD and master students in the first semester of year 2023 (starting at Jun 26, 2023). Those interested in the course please find more information below. Both international and Thai students are welcome to register in the course.

Course title: 950-500 research methodology

Credit: 1-3 credit, the course consists of 2 modules (see below). Students can select the modules of their interest with the total credit of 1-3, Please select one of the interests.

  • 950-500 Research Methodology : 1 (1-0-2) Credit : (Module 4)
  • 950-500 Research Methodology : 2 (1-2-3) Credit : (Module 5)
  • 950-500 Research Methodology : 3 (3-0-6) Credit : (Module 4 & Module 5)

Student: Both international and Thai student are welcome to register to the course. Students from all fields of study (natural sciences, biological sciences, social sciences etc.) could register because course modules cover a wide range of methodology of various fields. Students can select the modules of their interest.

Language: courses offered in English

Perquisite course: No

Course coordinator: Miss Niramon Sulaiman, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel 6982.

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  1. Student from Hat Yai campus could register directlyat SIS:
  2. For students from other campuses, please complete a registering request form through advisor, faculty, Graduate School 

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