Thesis Template

The student is required to submit a completed thesis and upload a file of thesis through PSU Knowledge Bank. In case the student requires to make more than one, approval page attached is maximum of 5 pages from now on. (Graduate School, March 2021)

Thesis format for Graduate study
Thesis Template File
Instruction for Using the Thesis Template

Announcement update

Additional Thesis Format for Writing Thesis 
Traditional Thesis Format for Writing Thesis

Overview of Thesis Component

Outer Cover (ฺBlue Book) 
Approval Page

Thesis Template

Angsana New Plan A1
Angsana New Plan A2
Th Sarabun PSK Plan A1
Th Sarabun PSK Plan A2
Times New Roman Plan A1
Times New Roman Plan A2

Fonts for Thesis

Angsana New
Th Sarabun PSK
Times New Roman

Regarding the cancellation of ISBN of thesis of the National Library of Thailand, the student who passed thesis format correction has no need to request ISBN from Khunying Long Athakravisunthorn Learning Resources Center and JFK Library.

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