Sopheak Thon

Sopheak Thon


2015 (2558)

Program of Study:
Master’s in Teaching English as an International Language (TEIL)

Princess Sirinthorn Scholarship

Hat Yai

What are you doing now?

          I am studying pedagogy at the National Institute of Education, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, a one-year course for those who have passed the exam to become governmental teachers.

Good memories of PSU?

          PSU was like my second home. It was convenient for living and studying. There were plenty of resources for me to study and do research. Moreover, I had a very good and kind thesis supervisor who always motivated and helped me all the time. I also had good and kind lecturers and friends from various nations. Things you don't miss about PSU ? Some foods which looked yummy but were actually too spicy!

Favourite Thai food or drink?

          Tom Kha Gai (chicken with coconut milk soup)

How can you apply your experience at PSU in your current job?

          Experience in doing research at PSU is useful for my current research. I find it less difficult now. Also, my English proficiency, teaching skills and confi-dence in teaching have been improved significantly, so it is very helpful for me to deal with my study and my teaching practicum.

Word of advice to current students:

          The library has a lot of resources, especially electronic/online resources, so use it as much as you can. Approach the librarians for advice. And approach your advisor often so as to keep your research in a good progress.

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