Message from Dean, Graduate School


damrongsak faroongsarng

Dear Students and Colleagues: 


           Welcome to our new homepage! It is a great pleasure to have you visit our website. This year, we are celebrating our university’s 50  And now, we are moving forward to higher levels of academic excellence and innovation. As you may know, graduate study programs  are the wind beneath the wings of PSU’s research advancement. We have been offering 2 Graduate Diploma, 104 Master’s Degree, 3 higher graduate Diploma, and 51 Ph.D. programs. These days, the waves of change in technology and socio-economics are bringing us into the Industry 4.0 era (which is, in our term, Thailand 4.0). So, we have to renovate our curricula to best fit the requirements of our future students as well as strengthen the university’s research  expertise. Modern curricula will be born while outdated ones will be retired. Recently, PSU has launched a policy of academic integration towards a modern structure  that capable of coping with the upcoming Thailand 4.0 national program-based research initiatives. As a consequence, our graduate studies can be clustered into:

  1. Science & Technology
  2. Health Sciences
  3. Social & Humanity Science.         

           These clusters will increase collaboration among faculties, create strategic partnerships among our existing disciplines, and facilitate new multi- as well as inter-disciplinary perspectives. As our official regulations say, a curriculum needs to be updated every 5 years. The integrated curricula under the umbrella of these academic clusters will be formed and gradually replace the old ones. We will be able to share the expertise as well as the resources that can strengthen our multi-campus system, while ensuring that all of our graduate programs, wherever they take place, have the same quality. Right now, we already have ‘Interdisciplinary Graduate Schools,’ including Earth System Science at Phuket Campus, Functional Food, and Energy at Hat Yai Campus. This type of graduate study management is navigating and paving the way to our academic clustering. In the future, we will have more of these, such as data sciences, digital innovation, sustainable environment, modern energy utilization, and so on. Based on the nature of their constituent disciplines, these interdisciplinary study programs will be assigned to one of  the above three academic clusters.

           Thailand’s 20-Year National Strategic Plan may industrialize the country, which will lead to the demand for a highly qualified workforce. PSU Graduate School, on the supply side, will establish some work integrated learning (WIL) master degree programs to upskill the workforce, enabling our graduates to serve the demands of various sectors. We will of course ensure that academic quality is up to the acceptable level for these WIL master programs. In addition, studying while working may be required as people who are working full-time cannot simultaneously enroll for a full-time degree. Thailand is also becoming an ageing society: life expectancy is increasing, while the number of young people with the potential to enter graduate studies is decreasing. Modular studies may be the appropriate choice. You can take a number of modules from time to time, collecting credits while working at your regular job. When the credits fulfill the requirement, you can get the degree! We are looking forward to supporting non-conventional courses like these.

           As you can see, we are embracing the future of higher education, providing for a wide range of graduate students. Whether you are Thai or international, an experienced academic or a recent graduate, an in-work or a mature student – we hope that you will join us and be part of this exciting future.

               Without your support, these tasks cannot be done.

Damrongsak Faroongsarng, Ph.D.              

Professor and Dean of the Graduate School, PSU.

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